Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Get To Know Me TAG!!!

1. How tall are you?- 5ft 2
2. Do you have any siblings?- No
3. Do you have any pets?- Yes 1 cat and 1 chinchilla
4. What is your favourite colour?- Pink or Blue
5. What is your favourite song?- It changes a lot but my main ones are mad world gary jules and chasing cars snow patrol.
6. What is your favourite drink?- Pepsi max or summer fruits squash
7. What is your favourite ice- cream flavour?- mint choc chip or bubblegum
8. Favourite Movie?- The original cinderella story :)
9. Favourite Tv Show?- Glee or 90210 or waterloo road or the only way is essex ( i watch quite a lot of tv)
10. When did you get into make up?- About september last year.
11. If you won a million pound, what would you BUY first?- An iphone :)
12. What is your dream car?- a mini cooper convertible in baby pink.
13. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?- America
14. What is your favourite day and why?- Friday and Saturday
15. Which 3 websites do you visit most often?- Youtube, Facebook and MSN
16. If you could have a famous person as a sibling, who would it be?- Jessie J
17. What things can you not leave the house without?- Phone or Ipod
18. Do you sing randomly?- Yes
19. Left or right handed?- Right
20. What countries do you want to visit?- America, Spain and Austrailia <---- Spelt that wrong lol
21. What is the colour of your ipod?- I have a ipod touch so black and silver mirror.
22. What was the last song that you played on your ipod?- Foundations by kate nash because i am singing it in a concert.
23. Last film you watched?- The kings speach
24. Any bad habits?- i sometimes bite my nails :/
25. Do you drive and have you ever crashed?- i do not drive so i have not crashed.
Thanks for reading :)

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