Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hello im am so sorry about i have not done a blog in ages but i have had test at school and have had to do a load of revision and really haven't had time to do anything let alone do some blogs hope you all understand my reasoning and will carry on reading my blogs xxxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

So...? SuperStar Eau De Toilette Reveiw.

Hiya today i am going to be doing my So...? SuperStar Eau De Toilette Reveiw.

This 'Amazing' sent has base tones of Almond musk witch makes this fragrance wonderfully intence but also sweet because of the tones of fresh oranges, pomegranate, passionfruit and lilly of the valley infused beautifully into this perfume.

'So...? Superstar' is also avalible in a body spray and differant sized eau de toilette's.
The 75ml body spray retails at £1.99. The perfume comes in 10ml bottle witch costs £2.00, a 100ml bottle is around £15.00 and the 30ml bottle witch is the one i purchased retails at around £5.99.

The fragrance comes packaged in a box inside the box comes the perfume.

The bottle is made of glass with gold writing and is nice and sturdy.

Overall i really like this purfume i would rate this 9/10 because i love the sent and the packaging and especially the price. But as it is now coming into summer it can be a bit heavy thats why it is not a 10 :)
Hope This Helped.....

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Beauty Tip Of The Week 15th Of May 2011

Hiya this is my beauty tip of the week. For glossy, soft hair i would recommend using mayonnaise. The fats and oils in the mayo will hydrate your hair witch means your hair will look heathy and shiny....

Hope This Helped

PanOxyl Acne Treatment Review

Hiya today i am going to do a review on PanOxyl 2.5 Acne Treatment.
This is available behind the counter in most pharmices such as Boots and In Supermarkets pharmices.
It comes in a box witch looks like this

And inside the box comes a white tube witch contains the product.....

I got this product in '2.5% Benzoyl Poroxide'. Benzoyl Poroxide is a type of bleach witch dries out the spot quickly and effectively. After using this product i would recomend use a good moisturiser as it dries out the spot and the surrounding skin.

This is a really good product and it has remarkably cleared up my skin i would rate this product 8/10 beacause it is amazing at clearing up your skin but can also dry it out.
Hope This Has Helped :)

Sure Woman Clear Aqua Reveiw

Today i am going to be reviewing 'Sure Woman Deodorant'

This deodorant has a wonderful fresh scent. The sent lasts and you get bursts of it throught out the day. Also the packaging on this spary i think is in the shape if a woman and would be a nice addition to any collection i have this deodorant in Clear Aqua --------------------------------------------------------->
Overall i really like this product but on the tin it says 'it will last 48hours' but i dont think this is ture but i will last the day. This product retails at £2.85 for a 250ml bottle and you can also get this in a 150ml bottle witch is around £1.99. I hope this has helped and i will rate this product 8/10 it's a really good product but it doesn't do every-thing it says on the tin.

Top 3 Sping Nail Varnish

Hello today is going to be my 'Top 3 Spring Nail Varnish'. All of my favourites are from 'Collection 2000 Hot Looks' So here we go.....
These are my 3 Favorites........

In 3rd Place we have Number 38 'Mint Mojo' this is a beautiful mint green witch has incredible pigmentation all these nail vanishes dry super fast and last around 5-7 days before chipping (if you use a top coat)

In 2nd Place we have Number 33 'Button Moon' This blue is amazing again the pigmentation is remarkable and the brush on these nail varishes are thin and wide meaning quick application at just the right thickness.

In 1st place is Number 35 'Dynasty' this beautiful pink is amazing i have no faults in this nail varnish it is simply beautiful all of these nail varnishes retail at £1.79 in Boots and Superdrug it is brilliant.

 These are amazing you should really go out and buy these and for the price it's not going to break the bank!