Sunday, 15 May 2011

Top 3 Sping Nail Varnish

Hello today is going to be my 'Top 3 Spring Nail Varnish'. All of my favourites are from 'Collection 2000 Hot Looks' So here we go.....
These are my 3 Favorites........

In 3rd Place we have Number 38 'Mint Mojo' this is a beautiful mint green witch has incredible pigmentation all these nail vanishes dry super fast and last around 5-7 days before chipping (if you use a top coat)

In 2nd Place we have Number 33 'Button Moon' This blue is amazing again the pigmentation is remarkable and the brush on these nail varishes are thin and wide meaning quick application at just the right thickness.

In 1st place is Number 35 'Dynasty' this beautiful pink is amazing i have no faults in this nail varnish it is simply beautiful all of these nail varnishes retail at £1.79 in Boots and Superdrug it is brilliant.

 These are amazing you should really go out and buy these and for the price it's not going to break the bank!


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