Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sure Woman Clear Aqua Reveiw

Today i am going to be reviewing 'Sure Woman Deodorant'

This deodorant has a wonderful fresh scent. The sent lasts and you get bursts of it throught out the day. Also the packaging on this spary i think is in the shape if a woman and would be a nice addition to any collection i have this deodorant in Clear Aqua --------------------------------------------------------->
Overall i really like this product but on the tin it says 'it will last 48hours' but i dont think this is ture but i will last the day. This product retails at £2.85 for a 250ml bottle and you can also get this in a 150ml bottle witch is around £1.99. I hope this has helped and i will rate this product 8/10 it's a really good product but it doesn't do every-thing it says on the tin.

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