Monday, 16 May 2011

So...? SuperStar Eau De Toilette Reveiw.

Hiya today i am going to be doing my So...? SuperStar Eau De Toilette Reveiw.

This 'Amazing' sent has base tones of Almond musk witch makes this fragrance wonderfully intence but also sweet because of the tones of fresh oranges, pomegranate, passionfruit and lilly of the valley infused beautifully into this perfume.

'So...? Superstar' is also avalible in a body spray and differant sized eau de toilette's.
The 75ml body spray retails at £1.99. The perfume comes in 10ml bottle witch costs £2.00, a 100ml bottle is around £15.00 and the 30ml bottle witch is the one i purchased retails at around £5.99.

The fragrance comes packaged in a box inside the box comes the perfume.

The bottle is made of glass with gold writing and is nice and sturdy.

Overall i really like this purfume i would rate this 9/10 because i love the sent and the packaging and especially the price. But as it is now coming into summer it can be a bit heavy thats why it is not a 10 :)
Hope This Helped.....

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