Sunday, 15 May 2011

PanOxyl Acne Treatment Review

Hiya today i am going to do a review on PanOxyl 2.5 Acne Treatment.
This is available behind the counter in most pharmices such as Boots and In Supermarkets pharmices.
It comes in a box witch looks like this

And inside the box comes a white tube witch contains the product.....

I got this product in '2.5% Benzoyl Poroxide'. Benzoyl Poroxide is a type of bleach witch dries out the spot quickly and effectively. After using this product i would recomend use a good moisturiser as it dries out the spot and the surrounding skin.

This is a really good product and it has remarkably cleared up my skin i would rate this product 8/10 beacause it is amazing at clearing up your skin but can also dry it out.
Hope This Has Helped :)

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