Thursday, 28 July 2011

Harry Potter,Hair,Diet

Hiya today i am going to do a 'Vlog' type post about what i have been doing :)
Harry Potter: I went to see harry potter on the opening night and my mum booked tickets 5 weeks in advanced and we turned up at the cinema 2 and a half hours early to start queing and my gosh was it worth it!!! IT WAS AMAZING no other word can describe how good it was but in a way i didnt like it because it the last one and its been a big part of me growing up and my childhood :(
Hair: I have had a change with my hair i have gone for nice big volume curls and it look really good and i think i will wear it all summer :D
Diet: I am starting to go on a diet because i am unhappy with the way i look i started exersicing about 3 weeks ago and i have seen a differance all ready with is amazing and hopefully by around the end of october i will be a happier and heathy person and shape :) xx
If you enjoy this type of post let me know xx 


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