Friday, 29 July 2011


I went shopping twice this week and picked up a few small things, Hope you enjoy (:
I went to boots and brought 'Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt-Tip Liner in Black'
'the 'VO5 Miracle Concentrate' and 3 '17 Nail Polishes' in 'Pink Grapefruit', 'Knockout Red' and 'Parma Violets'
Then i went to new look and got some brown sandles in the sale for £7 i can not find a pic to show you and i have lost my camera lead :O so yeah....
In superdrug i brought the new purfume sure anti-persprant i got the pink one witch smells devine :D In Tesco i brought and cream and gold cardigan for £11 and it is perfect for english weather because its not tooo thin or tooo thick....
If you want me to reveiw any products please let me no in the comments or send me an email :D

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